Hannah was fantastic with my 3.5 year old son.  Joseph is usually quite shy around strangers, but immediately took to his new friend. In fact, I had to pop upstairs when Hannah first arrived, and when I came down Joseph was quite happily chatting away and requesting toys from the toy box! It was great being seen at home in a familiar environment, and I think it put everyone at ease.  The initial consultation was very thorough but didn’t seem like a consultation at all- Hannah was very discrete and Joseph just thought he was playing.  Hannah also provided a written report and was very good at following up to check the on progress.  The decision to use a speech therapist can sometimes be quite daunting- I know it was a big decision for us given that we didn’t really know too much about  it or think we would ever need one – but Hannah was great and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her or using her again.

Our daughter was struggling with articulation difficulties that were not serious enough to be dealt with by SLT through nursery or school, but that were beginning to affect her learning of phonics, and we were worried that it could start affecting her confidence in speaking too. We contacted Hannah of Speaking Sense, who communicated with us quickly and professionally, then met with us to carry out an assessment of our daughter’s needs. Our daughter then had six highly productive sessions with Hannah, who used games and other stimulating activities that engaged her and increased her confidence with the difficult sounds. The difficulties have now almost entirely gone! It all happened much faster than we had expected, and our daughter is delighted. Thank you, Hannah. Highly recommended.

Hannah is a fantastic and patient speech therapist. She was able to help my daughter really quickly and kept her engaged.

I initially approached Hannah because I was concerned about my daughters speech development. Unfortunately, there was a long wait for an NHS referral and I felt that if M needed additional support, I wanted it to start sooner rather than later. I also wanted to have an expert view on Ms speech for a forthcoming ENT consultant appointment.
I was impressed with Hannah’s initial response to my query. We spent some time discussing my concerns via email and over the phone.
After completing a detailed questionnaire, we attended an appointment at Hannah’s clinic in Kennford.
I was relieved that Hannah was so friendly & approachable, M was comfortable speaking & playing with her. I also felt that as a parent, Hannah was able to empathise with my concerns & helped put me at ease.
The session was really helpful for me because it allayed my fears that M was falling behind in her speech development. I also felt much better informed when talking to the ENT consultant as I was able to share a copy of Hannah’s assessment of M at the appointment.
Hannah also gave me support as a parent by offering me strategies to support Ms concentration & speech development.
Although M did not require speech therapy with Hannah, we are now awaiting surgery for an adenoidectemy & Gromits to help resolve Ms Glue Ear condition. Had I not approached Hannah at the early stages of this process, I feel that we would have been waiting significantly longer to get to this point.
I would not hesitate to recommend Hannah to any parent who has concerns about their child’s speech development.

Hannah interacted wonderfully with my son and has helped develop his speech more than I could have hoped for. I am truly grateful.

Our son attended a number of sessions with Hannah which were invaluable.  She provided us with a detailed assessment/report and the sessions were tailored to his specific needs. She always explained to us the work she was undertaking and kept us informed at every stage. Our son loved attending his sessions and they have benefitted him greatly.

My son has enjoyed the sessions with Hannah and found them useful. In particular he has liked the enthusiasm, playfulness and positivity that Hannah has brings to her work.