I initially approached Hannah because I was concerned about my daughters speech development. Unfortunately, there was a long wait for an NHS referral and I felt that if M needed additional support, I wanted it to start sooner rather than later. I also wanted to have an expert view on Ms speech for a forthcoming ENT consultant appointment.
I was impressed with Hannah’s initial response to my query. We spent some time discussing my concerns via email and over the phone.
After completing a detailed questionnaire, we attended an appointment at Hannah’s clinic in Kennford.
I was relieved that Hannah was so friendly & approachable, M was comfortable speaking & playing with her. I also felt that as a parent, Hannah was able to empathise with my concerns & helped put me at ease.
The session was really helpful for me because it allayed my fears that M was falling behind in her speech development. I also felt much better informed when talking to the ENT consultant as I was able to share a copy of Hannah’s assessment of M at the appointment.
Hannah also gave me support as a parent by offering me strategies to support Ms concentration & speech development.
Although M did not require speech therapy with Hannah, we are now awaiting surgery for an adenoidectemy & Gromits to help resolve Ms Glue Ear condition. Had I not approached Hannah at the early stages of this process, I feel that we would have been waiting significantly longer to get to this point.
I would not hesitate to recommend Hannah to any parent who has concerns about their child’s speech development.

Jennie – Parent, Mid Devon