I contacted Hannah as I had concerns about my son Georges speech delay. She came and did an assessment with him and we decided that he would benefit from weekly sessions with her. Each week George would wait excitedly by the door for Hannah and he would be delighted to see her. He enjoyed the sessions and looked forward to them. Hannah made the sessions fun and would centre them on his interests.”

“Georges speech developed while seeing Hannah and each week I could see (or hear) a big difference. He made such progress straight away and others would often comment on this. Hannah also trained me to interact with George differently, something that I am extremely thankful for. I leant so many things from Hannah and she enabled me to help George develop his speech, I no longer felt useless. Each week she would give us homework to do, we enjoyed doing this and it really benefited the whole family as well as George.”

“I would like to thank Hannah for everything she did to help George and I would highly recommend her services.

Kate – Parent, Exeter