How it Works

Our Process


Getting Started

  • Contact us for a free telephone consultation
  • During the consultation we will discuss your individual needs and speech and language concerns to determine speech therapy is right for you and your child
  • From here we will agree the approach and arrange our initial assessment
  • Prior to the session you will be given set-up information for the online video call


Initial Assessment

  • This will usually take place over one session, lasting between 1 and 1.5 hours
  • The session will be tailored to the child’s individual needs and abilities
  • Following the session, you will receive a written report detailing the assessment observations and strategies for future management 
  • Should therapy be indicated, we can discuss how this may work for your child


Therapy Sessions

  • The session incorporates a variety of techniques to ensure that your child has the best opportunity to progress with their personal speech and language goals
  • Sessions can be booked individually or in a block
  • Sessions can be booked individually or in a block
  • Sessions can be booked in 45 or 60 minutes lengths


Review Sessions

  • Your child’s progress can be reviewed after each block of therapy, or an agreed period, as required
  • If further input is required, then new targets may be set, and new therapeutic practices introduced
  • If no further input is required, then the job is done, and your file will be closed